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Boom Chick Strumming Patterns For Open Chords

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Key of D


1 4 5

This is a 3 chord progression using the strumming pattern from the previous lesson. We will be using the 1, 4, and 5 chords out of the key of D. We are using open chords for this, not barre chords.

We'll play 1 measure of the 1 chord, or the D chord. 1 measure of the 4 chord, or the G chord. Go back to the 1 chord, for 1 measure. Then to the 5 chord, or the A chord.

I'm counting along in this, so try to play along. Remember we start on the count of 1, and the measures end on "e & a".

When you start changing chords, remember to play the bass/root on 1. On the count of 2 play the bass/5th, and switch every time you count a number.

This is another strumming pattern you should recognize when you hear it, and now you know how they're doing it.

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Instructor J.D. Jarrell
Boom Chick Strumming Patterns For Open Chords