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Practicing A, D, E Major Chords

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In this lesson we are going to play the chords A major, D major, and E major. We are going to play even 1/4 notes, one chord per beat. Remember to focus on two things: getting from one chord shape to the next and doing it in time with the music. This backing track goes from A major for 2 measures, to D major for 2 measures, back to A major for 2 measures, to E major for 2 measures. Then it repeats over and again. This one is the "slow version" at 80 BPM (Beats Per Minute).

The audio file near the bottom of the page can be played in the page or downloaded as an MP3 to use offline whenever you desire.

This backing track is also available as a loop in the 48"">Guitar Tricks Jam Station.

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Practicing A, D, E Major Chords