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Catfish on the Table: Interlude & Bridge


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After our second chorus, we have a four bar interlude that starts off our bridge. I covered that in our chorus lesson, and we will continue that chord progression along with some other cool chords that will change in tempo and feel to create a really nice change in the song. Now it's time to learn the rest of our bridge.

The chord progression for our bridge is:
|| C7sus4 C7 - C7sus4 C7 - C7sus4 C7 - C7sus4 C7 - C7sus4 C7 - C7sus4 C7 - E - F7 - D/F# - G - G - G ||

Once we get into the chromatic chord progression, we will strum each chord and let it ring for the whole measure along with our change in tempo from 128 to 104.

The G chord rings for three measures, the third which counts into the next interlude section for our third verse and kicks us back into the new tempo.

Remember the tempo changes are made to, as closely as possible, match the changes in the original recording and make it so we can teach this song in a video lesson. Things like this can't be exactly measured as the recording was done live, with the band moving with the feel of the vocals and piano. This is meant to give you an idea of how this sort of thing can be done, and it's always best when you play the song yourself to try and move through the changes with appropriate feel. You don't have to count to have it feel good, but do your best within this song and then try playing it freely to get that feel down.
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