Still FRUSTRATED with undesired advancing

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Who is "us" ??. I'm not having ANY of the issues you claim is from this site.

You say this site is a mess?? .....I beg to differ. That being said,

you need to FIRSTLY contact "tech. support" at G.T. .......just sayin'.

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john of MT
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Did you get in contact with Admin as discussed in your thread in Jan/Feb?

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Hey, gandee

Yea many many many things could be done better here... BUT for now I am still sticking round as I am still learning.

One of the the keys to a steady progress is a good organisation.

I don't know what you are using but on PC the lesson ends and the popup appears and ask me what I want to do: next lesson, replay, previous lesson.

Anyway, the easy fix/solution to your problems is the use of FAVOURITES. Mark your lesson/s with it and you will have it all nice and in once place = bascially the lessons you currently work on. [br][br][br]From time to time the site messes the order of the so it can be super frustrating but most of the time it works just fine.[br][br][br]Add them to favourites and you won't have to write them down on sheet of paper/

I hope it helps a bit/

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I don't think the site is a mess. My videos do not automattically advance as the OP states. When one is done I get a choice to either replay or advance to next video. So perhaps that is a setting somewhere.

What I do agree with is that the ability to uncomplete a lesson needs to be fixed. I often jump ahead within a lesson to print out all of the notations for that chapter so I can have them all in my notebook before I start. When I do that those lessons show as being complete when all I did was print the notation. I would really like to be able to put them back to uncomplete either one by one or the entire lesson. This was pointed out a long time ago and one of the instructors (I think Christopher) chimed in and said that the compete buttons are toggles and you can go back and forth. He thought that function worked. We then challenged him to actually try it and he came back and said that we were correct, it does not work. So it seems the intention is there but not programmed correctly. That should be fixed for sure in that case.


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