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Hey, gandee

Yea many many many things could be done better here... BUT for now I am still sticking round as I am still learning.

One of the the keys to a steady progress is a good organisation.

I don't know what you are using but on PC the lesson ends and the popup appears and ask me what I want to do: next lesson, replay, previous lesson.

Anyway, the easy fix/solution to your problems is the use of FAVOURITES. Mark your lesson/s with it and you will have it all nice and in once place = bascially the lessons you currently work on. [br][br][br]From time to time the site messes the order of the so it can be super frustrating but most of the time it works just fine.[br][br][br]Add them to favourites and you won't have to write them down on sheet of paper/

I hope it helps a bit/