What hardware have you got?

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02/28/2008 9:22 pm
Ok, this thread hasn't been done in a while here so I'm curious to see what hardware setups people have - helps to get ideas etc. Also, if we see something of interest in someone elses setup it might be helpful to get some first hand feedback.

The question is what 'hardware' have you got in your home studio/setup?

As you can see, my studio is mostly hooked up for direct recording - not much time or space for mic'ing up big amps etc.
Here's the bulk of it:

Ibanez Jem77BRMR
Ibanez Prestige custom (EMG 81/85)
Ibanez Universe UV777 custom (Dimarzio Evolution 7's)
EBMM Petrucci 7

Washburn Bantam BB5

Rack gear:
Mesa Simul-class 2:90 tube poweramp
Mesa Boogie Triaxis tube preamp
Palmer PDI-03 speaker simulator
Rocktron Hush Super C
Samson Servo 170 poweramp
Behringer Ultrapatch Pro patchbay
Echo Layla soundcard
ROcktron Prophesy II effects/preamp
Eventide H3000-D/SE harmoniser/multi effects unit

Tannoy Reveals

Sennhesier pro mix SD 25-1

Evolution MK-425C

Marshall MG100DFX

Marshall 4x12 1960A stereo cab

Dell Optiplex custom

Mackie HUI DAW - (hooked up to Cubase SX3)

Sure SM57
Sure SM58

Radial X-Amp reamplifier
Radial J48 active direct box
SansAmp Bass Driver DI
Crybaby Wah original
Line6 DM4 distortion stompbox
Ebow plus


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02/28/2008 10:00 pm
I'm at work at the moment so I can't quote all my model numbers and stuff but the basics are:

Epiphone SG with DiMarzio humbucker passive pickups
Jordan Strat with EMG Pro-series (David Gilmour ones) single-coil active pickups. This has a standard width, fat neck.
Jordan Strat with EMG Gold Jordan passive pickups (this is the one that I am having trouble with the wiring at the moment). This has a standard width, thin neck.
Martinez western-style acoustic with built-in pickup system and EQ.

KeyController 49 (not sure on the brand but it was a very cheap thing)

StealthPlug which I use when recording guitar.
Lexicon Lambda which I use when recording MIDI and vocals

Behringer condenser microphone.. not sure which model sorry.. it was reasonably cheap but has a great sound quality. I have a boom mic-stand so I can have it in front of me while I read lyrics directly from the computer screen.

Behringer M16 (I think) powered monitor speakers.
Sony CD-250 (I think) studio headphones

Fender 120w Princeton Stereo Chorus (2 x 10")
Fender 65w (not sure on model number as I have only had it a short time) (1 x 12")

Zoom G1X
Jim Dunlop (Hendrix) Crybaby Wah

Wish List:
Bass guitar
A proper strobe tuner

Oh well have to get back to work now.
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earthman buck
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02/29/2008 5:36 am
Squier Strat
Yamaha AE500
Sigma something-or-other (I don't have it with me at the moment, but it's the acoustic I use)

Fender Frontman 25R
Fender FM212R

Boss PW-10 V-Wah
Digitech Whammy
Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter
Boss DS-1 Distortion
EHX Small Clone
EHX Big Muff Pi

Random crap:
Behringer XM500 or something (mic)
Boss Micro BR (awesome little recording device)
A mixture of Planet Waves and cheapo cables
Behringer HPM1000 (crappy headphones)
Koss UR-15C (slightly better headphones)
Some crummy Yamaha Keyboard
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02/29/2008 8:11 am
To be honest, I don't have much in the way of equipment, but here's what I've got:

Ernie Ball Music Man Axis (really the only electric I use these days)
Squier HM
Robin Raider II (currently for sale)
Ibanez EX Series (currently for sale, but I'm considering doing a Frankenstein job on it instead)
Ovation CDX-44 acoustic/electric
Washburn D-12 acoustic
Jasmine acoustic (don't know the model, but it's the dirt cheap dreadnaught)
Various guitars that have been handed down by family members and my first real electric with a plywood body and fine roseplastic fingerboard, none of which are really in playing condition

1976 Carvin CB100 (the closest thing to a "vintage" guitar that I own)
I'll probably buy a new bass at some point this year, but I don't know what

Crate GT-80 combo
Marshall MG10KK practice amp
Crate G10XL practice amp (recently died, but trying to resurrect it)

Various effects, etc:
Digitech RP250
DOD Death Metal distortion pedal
Zoom 505
Morley wah
Digitech Whammy II

Fostex X-28H 4-track (my wife bought it for me years ago, and regrettably, I've never used it as much I should have)
Digital recorder probably coming this year as well
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02/29/2008 11:27 pm
Stagg SW201 Western acoustic - Blackburst
Stagg S300 Strat (vintage hot pick-ups, locked off trem) Translucent Red
Squier Strat - Olympic White (Fender 50th anniversary edition)
Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Custom II P90 (Black)

Marshall MS2
Orange Crush 30R
Vox Pathfinder 15R (Celestion super 8)
Vox AC30 Custom Classic 2x12

Boss DS-1 Distortion
Behringer CS100 Compressor
Behringer Blues Overdrive
Behringer UC100 Chorus
BYOC Tri-Booster
Danelectro Fab Overdrive
Danelectro Fab Distortion
Danelectro Fab Chorus
Danelectro Fish'n'Chips EQ
Digitech Bad Monkey Overdrive
Digitech Screamin Blues Overdrive/Distortion
Vox Cooltron Duel Overdrive
Electro-Harmonix Nano Switchblade A/B switcher, modified with a bi-colour channel switching LED and 9v power supply.

Roto-sound 'country gold' 10's acoustic
Fender 'Bullets' 9's for S300 Strat & Squier Tele
Fender 'Bullets' 10's for Squier Strat
Planet waves cables
Venom patch leads
Dunlop picks 1mm
Levy's straps
Vox FS002 footswitch x1
Vox FS2 footswitch (led) x2
Marshall fs1 footswitch
Home made pedalboard and power supply x2
Strat totin
Six string slingin
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03/01/2008 5:22 am
Off the top of my head..


1975 Fender Tele (my baby- original case and tags)
1984ish Fender Strat (original case and tags)
2004 Mexican Strat
Jackson Dinky MG, modded with DiMarzios (have a really cool Coffin case for this guitar)
Ibanez RG 320/321- can never get the model straight
Brian Moore i91
Epihone SG Deluxe (really my son's guitar)
Gretsch...RockJet(?) my very first elctric- looks like a Les Paul- must be over 40 yrs. old, and the neck was glued on. Dropped it, neck came off, just keeping it for sentimental reasons
Cheap Yamaha acoustic
Ovation AE-28 that sounds like crap
NY Pro acoustic- very cheap, but plays great

Other instruments:
Bunday alto sax
Bundy flute
Yamaha electric keyboard

Boss noise-gate
Ibanez Tube Screamer
Behringer T0800 overdrive/sustainer
Behringer tuner pedal
Behringer reverb pedal- think dr100 is the model
Digitech Death Metal distortion
Digitech compressor/sustainer
Electro-Harmonix phase shifter
Dunlop Wah
couple others I can't think of right now


1975 Fender Champ (tube!)
Roland Micro-Cube combo amp
Peavey Envoy, w/2 button footswitch

Home-built P4 computer where I put a Creative Soundblaster Audigy front bay for line-inputs. Don't know why I don't plug in there more often. With the cheapie software I have, it's pretty good.

a million allen/hex wrenches
wire cutter
neck cradle (think that's what it's called- the thing you lay the neck on for string changes/setups)
screw drivers

Music Books/study guides
except for the requisite song-books many of us probably have, a mess of books on theory, none of which I fully understand.
A few DVD videos- Dickie Betts style of playing, Zakk Wylde Hardcore pentatonic, Marty Fridman

Mess of miscellaneous crap. More cases and gig-bags than I can count- good for hiding my study guides I can never find. And the list goes on. Just got a bunch of wall hangers, so I can get my guitars out of their cases/stands and up on the wall where I can just look at 'em and wonder where all my money went!
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my amps go to 11
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my amps go to 11
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03/03/2008 12:52 am
fender stratocaster(ash) replaced original pickups with seymour duncans
Fender telecaster(white) really thin neck easy to play light guage strings make it almost to easy to play
Epiphone les paul(trans amber) the necks like a baseball bat but it sounds great
martin dx1 dreadnought
Palomino v32
Boss me-50
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03/03/2008 4:51 pm
I've acquired a fair bit over the years...


Ibanez (Love 'em)

JSs - WH and BTB, and a 540 Radius
RG - 770DX, 550, 320FA
Universe UV777
Also a 540s - Sabre style


Fender USA standard Strat and Tele
An old squier strat
PRS Custom 24
Gibson SG custom
Taylor Acoustic
Washburn Acoustic
Warwick 5 string bass

And a few others - I've only ever sold 1, and regretted that ever since!


Laney TT50H + 4x12 cab
Cornford Harlequin
Vox AC15
'Smokey' cigerette pack amp (Camel brand!)

Pedals / effects

PODxt Live!
Boss DS-1 Distortion
Ibanez TS808 Tubescreamer
BOSS Harmoniser
BOSS Delay (DD3)
Digitech Whammy
Morley Wah (Bad Horsie 2)
Little Alligator volume
BOSS TU-2 tuner
BOSS Compressor
Voodoo Labs Pedal power II

Looking at the G System or Rocktron at the moment... I'll get there, but fear change ;)


Roto-sound 'Pinks' 9's for the JEMs
Roto-sound 'Yellows' 10's for the JSs
George L & Van Damme cables
Dunlop picks 3mm
Levy's straps
G7th Capo
Roadie Rench
hair bands to deaden strings for tapping

And all sorts of other stuff... I use an edirol soundcard, Tannoy monitors and a behringer desk for recording into my home-made PC.

Check out my music, video, lessons & backing tracks here![br]https://www.renhimself.com

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