Bono - What do you think of him?

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Personally, I dont reckon hes the greatest singer in the world but he is a great songwriter and a great performer. U2 are playing a big concert this year in Ireland. There were 80,000 tickets on sale, they were sold in 40 minutes leaving 180,000 fans without tickets. Now picture 200,00 odd fans camping out for tickets in a city of about 20 square miles and its been played at a venue that can only hold 1 concert a year, and now the gioverment are getting pressurised to let another concert go ahead, which shows how in demand they are. Personally, I like Bonos personality. Even though he seems like a nice guy, he's 1. A very outspoken person and 2. A human rights activist which is what annoys me. Ive nothing against human rights activist but from my end it just seems like he gets of on telling people how to live. On the other hand, he lives about 10 minutes away from me, he lives in a big rich suburb along with the guitarist from Def Leppard and just about every other rock star, which makes an egging of his house paticularly convenient.
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Don't you mean you don't like his personality? I love U2's music, and I think Bono is a fantastic singer, admittedly he is losing it a bit, but I still think it is great. I know why his concerts would sell out, I hav ebeen to a couple, and they are awesome, and it has a lot to do with his skill as a performer. As for personality, well..
He does go a little overboard sometimes with his speeches, but he does get behind important causes, and if it's the only way people take notice then I'm all for it. I'm sure he does live in a great house, and has never been uncomfortable in his life , at least since becoming a rock star, yet does that mean he can't talk about human rights abuses? Do you have to be suffering the same thing to speak about it? However, I will get pissed if they don't come to Australia because of our dollar. There was a suggestion that they might not come here because our dollar is too weak, and that is pathetic. For anyone in their postion to suggest they can't afford a tour is a bit rich, however, we'll see.
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Lol, you probably got that I'm a fan, considering my quote at the bottom, hehehehe.
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Personaly i dont like U2 too much.. they are too much of a pop band, and they think of themselves as rock stars
when i heard bono saying "in the 70's we all hated ABBA because we were rockers and they were pop" it made me laugh for hours... common U2 are no less pop band right now than nsync or five or any other thing on MTV...
but yes he is a good singer, wasting himself on this **** they are doing now
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I have always liked U2's music. I think Bono is a great singer. And yes, they've gone pretty "pop"ish, but I would never put them in the same category as NSYNC or any boy band stuff. They all play their instruments and write their own songs...yeah, so they aren't the flashiest on their instruments, but they've been around for a long time and are still selling out huge crowds....they're doing something right.

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Edge might not be the most echnically amazing guitarist around, but he's probably my biggest inspriatio, even more than Hendrix I think. His playing is about the sound, not the guitar, and he gets some amazing stuff out of it. They are a rock band, and they are a pop band, sometimes it is the same in a way. They are an example of what is good about some Pop though. Listen to their album "POP" though, and you will see that they are not just like that (kind of ironic that". I loved the quote Adam Clayton said recentl in an interview, "I may not be the best bass player in U2, but I am the bass player in U2..." Hehehe.
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Hate U2, hate bono. Dont ask why, i just do. its natural

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