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A band I use to be close with and play with is opening for Trapt tomorrow... If anyone is in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area..... haha.... didn't think so. But yeah, its pretty cool to know some guys that things are actually working out for... I also play with a violin player that just got back from LA from recording strings parts for a Paul McCartney Tribute album for some recording company out there. If anyone is around Chicago... he plays in a band called Truffle Bluff and they put on a kick ass show. I guess the purpose of this post is to simply give hope to those out there that want to make... work hard and good things will happen. All of the guys that I know have had to sacrafice a lot to get where they are... Well... with the exception of the violin player... he's been playing since he was 2 and he's 23 now... and he was the Purdue Concert Master for all four years in the Purdue Philharmonic and Symphony orchestras.... haha. So he's pretty much got it made... But if you really want it... go get it.
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Thanks, I needed that. Now I remember all those things people use to call me "wise" for saying ( instead of calling me "headbanger" ). But I do disagree that the violin player did not sacrifice. If he's played violin since he was 2, he has sacrificed ALOT. ALOT of time, ALOT of social rep, and EVERYthing else he could have dedicated his life to. To do anything worth dedicating a life to, and love it, one must sacrifice. Remember that. This person seems like he must have sacrificed alot.
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Originally Posted by: kill em allTo do anything worth dedicating a life to, and love it, one must sacrifice.

Is it really a sacrifice if you love it? I think I know what you mean though, things have to give way; but I never considered not doing something else instead of playing a sacrifice...(haven't made it yet, but here's hoping! :p)

It's nice to know real musician's who make it, (I'll stop there before I start ranting about the state of the music industry). And you're dead right - if you want something, put your head down and go for it; you never know if don't try, eh?!
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