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I went to check out a pawn shop that I drive buy quite frequently and to my suprise they had a very large selection of music equipment. Some of it was overpriced and some of it was delightfully underpriced. There was one guitar in particular that caught my eye... it was a Fender Fat Strat with a Floyd Rose... it was a Mexican strat but it was in Olympic White... and of course... I had to check it out. The price tag was $250... I almost bought just for the hell of it... I do own 2 strats already... but... still. They also had a late '70s acoustic.... it was a Fender F-35. It's nothing too special but it was still pretty nice. They had some Rocktron amps, Fender amps, Crate amps, Peavey Amps, and they even had an old Ampeg 2x12 in there... they wanted $539 for it.... I might go talk them down to around 400 or so... But yeah, I'm thinking that I'll have to be checking back there quite often... Anyone else find some good buys at pawn shops? My friend got an Ibanez JS100 a couple years ago for $200 dollars and a Crate Blue Voodoo half stack for $400.
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[font=trebuchet ms]That old Ampeg 2x12" combo is probably a VT-22. If that's so, in good health it will deliver 120 Watts of the most versatile, LOUD tube tone you could ever want. At 96 pounds, it will also rip the arm off anyone fool enough to think that the single handle on the top was actually meant to make it a one-handed carry!

That said, unless it's in pristine condition, it's just a little bit overpriced.[/font]
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I stumbled across a nice, Mexi Jazz Bass V with the Deluxe electronics once that a friend of mine ended up buying for a good price.

I tipped him off to it because I owed him one for snatching up a four string he'd had his eyes on.
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Pawn shops around my neck of the woods (or flatlands) are pretty good. Almost everything musically I have was bought at pawn shops. I durn sure don't overpay and most of the time get an excellent deal, especially when the people behind the counters don't know what they have!

Ahhh, bargains, it's what life is all about :D
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In Toronto i only know of 3 stores that sell used music equipment...Capsule, Songbird, and The twelth fret....i wish i know some "real" pawn shops...if anyone knows any in T.O. let me know!
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I saw this white Gibson Les Paul for $750 and it comes with the case. They have this bad deal on Arion pedals. They're selling an Arion Phase pedal for $50. Can you believe that? They're not even worth half that much. I got my gig bag there for $20 new. It's pretty sturdy too.
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I found a Yamaha Telecaster style body with dual humbuckers for $125. I was gonna strip it down and re-paint it for a project guitar but when I got it home, cleaned it up, set it up and put new strings on it, the darn thing really sounded good!! I kept it around and didn't really play it until we did a gig one night and we had a friend sit in with us. This guy is awesome...he studies Satch religously. He usually totes a Les Paul around, but this night he whips out a Yamaha just like mine...stock pickups and all! I talked to him after the gig and he said he absolutely LOVED that now mine's out and playing. He's gonna sit in with us again soon, and I got a surprise for him....
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every guitar i've ever bought came from a pawn shop. nothing better than buying something from someone thats not sure what the have.
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