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ONE Guitar Lick to Connect EVERYTHING

The Connecting Slide Lick

Gary Heimbauer

Since the pentatonic scale has no half steps, and is constructed of whole steps and minor thirds (1.5 steps), it lends itself well to sliding up and down the fretboard from position to position. 

One great way to connect the patterns as we slide between them is to take advantage of the finger friendly 2x2s or 3x2s in each of the 5 vertical patterns of the pentatonic scale.

Let me explain what I mean by a 2x2 or a 3x2. A 2x2 would be a two string grouping, each with two notes that are two frets apart. A 3x2 would be a three string grouping, each with two notes, two frets apart.

If we look at the main pattern of the pentatonic scale (pattern 1), there is a 3x2 on the A,D, and G strings. In the pattern just before that (pattern 5), there is a 2x2 on the E and A strings, and the B and high E string.

In the pattern just up from pattern 1, we have the 2x2 on the B and high E strings (pattern 2), and then in Pattern 3 there is a 3x2 on the low E, A and D strings, and finally, in pattern 4, we have a 2x2 on the D and G strings. We can use these 2x2s and 3x2s to connect the patterns, sliding between them. 

Practice these riffs over and over until they become very comfortable and then create your own riffs using this as a foundation.

For an example of how I do this, check out the full lesson video:

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