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Last-Minute Guitar Stocking Stuffers

Last-Minute Guitar Stocking Stuffers

We've all been there: The clock is running out and you still haven't gotten that little something for everyone on your list.

This year, skip the socks and scratch-offs and hook-up the guitarist in your life with a gift they'll appreciate and actually use. We've compiled a quick list of stocking stuffers that should be available at the last-minute and will be a welcome addition to any guitar player's gear collection.


Gift Certificates

Guitar Tricks Gift Certificate

Let’s face it: sometimes when you’re down to the wire, a gift certificate can be your saving grace. And what guitarist wouldn’t want some free money toward that dream guitar, a new pedal, or the guitar lessons they’ve been putting off? Getting the guitarist in your life a gift certificate to their favorite store or site will surely put you on the “nice list.”


A Stand

Guitar Stand

Leaning guitars against amps or couches is a dicey situation at best. You never know when the rogue roommate or pet is going to send it toppling over. Make things a little more secure for your favorite guitarist with a guitar stand. There are several types, whether you choose the standard tripod/yolk stand or a compact folding stand, the recipient will be sure to appreciate having a solid place to put their favorite guitar.


Instrument Cables

Instrument Cable

Honestly, a guitarist can never have too many cables. You never know when you'll need a backup, and cables of different lengths can be useful for different situations. A 10' or 15' cable is great for using around the house, but a 20' or 25' cable can really come in handy on stage. Also, a pack of patch cables or "pedal coupler" cables will go a long way with the guitarist who's trying to figure out their optimal pedalboard setup. Some instrument cables even come with a lifetime guarantee. It's hard to go wrong with a gift like that. 


A Pack of Picks

Guitar Pick

Some guitarists can be pretty particular about their pick choices, but in a pinch, most of us will use just about whatever pick we can get our fingers on. If you can find out your guitarist's gauge of choice, a pack or two of picks will be a very welcome gift. Regardless of the gauge, many guitarists like to have a variety of picks around to achieve different sounds, so whatever you choose will come in handy at some point.


A Guitar Slide

Guitar Slide

A slide is the secret weapon of many-a-guitarist. It's easy to get the hang of using them, they come in a variety of styles like metal, glass bottleneck and bone, and they can create some pretty interesting sounds. Conveniently, they're pretty inexpensive and small, so they make the perfect last-minute gift. The unsuspecting guitarist in your life will be all smiles when they pull a cool new slide out of their stocking.


A Set of Strings

Guitar Strings

Strings, much like picks, can be somewhat dependent on a guitar player's individual preferences of gauge and type. So, if you're able, you may want to see what their favorite set of strings is before buying too many. However, strings are pretty inexpensive, and sometimes it's nice to have a variety on-hand or plenty of backups for when you inevitably break one. 


A New Guitar Strap

Guitar Strap

If you're going to stand and play guitar, it's pretty simple: you need a strap. There are plenty of choices here, so you can really get personal with your gifting. Are they more of a woven, or a leather type of person? Maybe they'd like a strap emblazoned with their favorite VanGogh or Dali painting? There's literally a guitar strap out there for everyone, and plenty of companies even make custom straps if you want to get personal with it. Regardless, opening up a cool new strap will bring holiday joy to any guitarist.


A Guitar Tool Set

Guitar Tool Set

Often overlooked, always underappreciated until you need them, tools are a must-have for any serious guitar player. Whether you're changing strings or adjusting the height of your pickups, a set of tools is an invaluable asset. Any music shop worth its salt will carry a simple guitar tool set, usually consisting of a string winder, string cutter, and some screwdrivers and wrenches sized for the most common guitar hardware. Hook-up your favorite guitar player with some tools and they'll be thanking you every time they change their strings. 


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