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Everyone knows about 5ths, octaves and power chords. These are the building blocks of learning how to play guitar. But an easy way to level up your chord knowledge is to add 3rds and 7ths. The third chord tone is essential, since it can change a major chord to a minor chord by simply moving it one fret down. But 7ths are a fun and easy note to add to your chord. It adds a ton of texture, mood and vibe to your simple power chords.

You can add 3rds or 7ths to your solos to outline the chord changes as well. With a standard blues, you'll be suing Dominant 7th chords. In each one of these chords we have a root, major third, perfect 5th, and minor 7th. You can play all of these notes in your solos to add more color and take your solos to the next level.

Video sections:

0:00 - Intro

2:07 - Maj 3rd/Min 7th

5:01 - Soloing

6:35 - Examples

8:33 - Outro

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