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To Do: Boston's Summer Tour 2015

It's been quite the summer for Boston. Since announcing their tour, the anticipation has been sky-high for fans, who never dreamed they might spend a summer swimming in their music. They promised to deliver an unforgettable performance, and the verdict is in - it's a must-see!

SPOILER ALERT:: The set list has been posted and here is the rundown!

1. Rock & Roll Band

2. Smokin'

3. Feelin' Satisfied

4. Life, Love & Hope

5. Peace of Mind

6. Long Time Segue

7. Cool the Engines

8. Surrender to Me

9. Don't Look Back

10. Something About You

11. Amanda

12. We're Ready

13. The Launch

14. More Than a Feeling

15. Instrumental ("E" Jam)

16. I Need Your Love

17. Walk On

18. Get Organ-ized

19. Walk On (Some More)

20. Hitch a Ride

21. Foreplay / Long Time


22. Don't Be Afraid

23. Party

If you don't have your tickets yet, there are still a slew of shows left. You can find the tour dates here.

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