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Best Guitar Strap Brands

Best Guitar Strap Brands - Guitar Tricks


By Shawn Leonhardt for Guitar Tricks and 30 Day Singer

The guitar strap is an essential piece of equipment when it comes to playing guitar. It may seem like some simple bit of gear with little importance, but your shoulders and back will not feel that way after 5 or more minutes. There are a variety of styles and builds to choose from, always remember that keeping the instrument secure and comfortable is the most important part of your guitar strap decision. Here are some of the best guitar strap brands to choose from. 

What Makes a Great Guitar Strap? 

Length and Width 

For most people a length of 40-60 inches works along with a width of 2-4 inches, if you are an extra small or large person you may need specialized straps. However for most beginner guitarists the basic straps will be suitable. Don’t get one with too thin of a width as that will be painful fast. If your guitar is on the heavy side you want the strap to be bigger for more stability. 


It can be made of cotton, nylon, neoprene, plastics, leather, and even wood. If they have the correct length and width and are comfortable it is more about user preference. Depending on the material you get the strap may require some extra care, either way you don’t want to be cheap when it comes to the strap. It is an essential item in playing guitar so get something nice! 

How Does It Connect? 

Acoustic guitars will usually have a pin in the end (which needs to be secure) and sometimes it is tied around the neck. If a peg is drilled into the top of the body like some 12 strings you can also attach it there. On an electric guitar the strap goes around the body pins connected to the end and top of the body. Make sure the strap you get will be appropriate for your guitar. 

Best Guitar Strap Brands 

Revo Straps 

If you are looking for something different, then Revo has been making handmade wooden straps for over 20 years. It’s an interesting material that turns out to be both artistic and functional, while the woods can be found in rosewood, mahogany, and tigerwood. Users report that the Revo Straps cause less shoulder and back fatigue rather than traditional materials. It has a solid and sturdy build yet it is still comfortable and cool looking. 

Ernie Ball 

This maker is known for their great strings and guitar accessories, and most of their products are on the affordable and sometimes even cheap side. Ernie Ball has several basic polypropylene guitar straps that are fine for light guitars. Their two most expensive styles are neoprene with a polylock system to help the strap stay in place. If you have a lower budget these models may be suitable. 

Neotech Support Harness 

This is a simple nylon strap but it attaches to your guitar and then onto a support harness that you place around your torso. It’s on the expensive side but the goal is to keep all the weight of the guitar supported by more than just your shoulders. It doesn’t look as cool as some other artsy guitar straps, but many users swear they have less back pain. 

Lock It 

This is a cheaper brand that uses cotton, leather, and other woven textiles in its guitar straps. A special locking method is sewn into the straps to help keep your instrument safe. They have a few different colors but otherwise they are mostly simple and affordable straps. If you have a light guitar and want something easy this brand will be great! 

Gruv Gear  

This company has a mix of low-priced basic straps and higher quality with fancy leather designs. There are a few that are over $100, expensive but they are very comfortable and keep the guitar secure. Their DuoTrap model is almost $200 but it also comes with padding and a better connection on the body to help take the weight off the back and shoulders. 


Martin guitars have long been standards in the guitar industry and their strings and straps also hold up just as well. The nicer leather Martin models will run between $50-100 and sometimes even more, after all it is not a cheap brand. They also have a vintage look that goes well with an acoustic guitar besides being comfortable and high quality. 


This is another string maker that also makes straps for many instruments, including guitar. They have leather, nylon, and other woven materials at mid-range budgets. Some of the straps have basic tie and clip connectors while the pricier models have locking mechanisms for added safety. Many customers love D’Addario strings and accessories so if you like the look of the strap, go for it! 


This is an affordable guitar strap brand that comes with unique ClipLocks to help keep the guitar secure. Their materials can be cotton, nylon, and other microfibers with roughly a 2-inch width. If you have a light guitar this brand has several colorful styles to choose from, for heavier instruments it may not be the best for your back.  


Levy’s Leather is a Canadian company that crafts fine leather and even woven polymer guitar straps. Those with thinner width and less leather are cheaper, while the thicker ones quickly rise above the $75 mark. Of course if you have a bulky and heavy guitar these larger ones will be the best choice for you. And expensive leather guitar straps will last longer if they are cared for properly. 


You may have used Dunlop picks or other guitar accessories as they are quite popular, this brand also has a range of prices. The cheaper thin and woven polymers will be colorful but maybe not all that comfortable and secure. However the larger leather straps nearing $100 will give you a long life and a better fit. They even have a Jimi Hendrix recreation as he famously used a Dunlop! 

Once you have chosen the best guitar strap you will need to make sure you put it on the guitar and your body correctly! It’s imperative that you fit the strap right and practice with it on to get used to standing and playing. Even the most expensive and top brands will take some time to find the sweet spot, just like learning to play guitar there is always a little pain to break through before you can find the right comfort. 

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