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New Country Level 2 Course is Available!

Hi there guitar players! If you didn't notice, we recently updated our Country Style Level 2 course. Anders Mouridsen, guitarist for the Grammy-nominated country singer, Cam, is the instructor. Longtime Guitartricks members already know how great of a teacher Anders is, but if you're new here, you can read all about him here. With the new course available to all Full Access members, we thought it would be fun to ask Anders a few questions about the new course and his love of country music. 



    GT: You've been playing with Cam for a little while now and you're the instructor for Guitartricks' Country course! With that being said, is there something about country music that really sticks out to you, that you really enjoy? 

Anders: It sounds like a cliche, but my favorite elements are really the lyrics and stories. I love that it’s music made to be understood! Other than that I love the concept of making really complex emotional music with very simple tools. This is also why it’s a ton of fun to play, because you get quite far with just three chords and a capo for example!

    How did your appreciation for country music start?

I think I liked country music before I really knew what it was. I grew up on a lot of country-inspired music like Neil Young, John Fogerty, CSNY (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young) and without knowing it, my favorite songs were almost the most ‘country’. It wasn’t until I moved to the states that I started listening to the country artists that inspired these guys like Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash

Anders teaching new ways to play with hybrid picking

    Do you think those who do not enjoy country music, or do not prefer it, can still learn something from this new course?

Absolutely! This is basic and classic guitar vocabulary that’ll give you a head start no matter where you eventually want to go stylistically. So many styles are inspired by country music and a lot of the same tools are used!

    What is something you hope guitar players will learn or take away after completing the new Country Level 2 course?

That country music isn’t really about the guitar, but it’s a ton of fun to use all these great tools and tricks to help create the classic sound whether you’re soloing or playing rhythm. 

Get the new Country Level 2 course here.

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