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New Chord Charts, Private Lessons, and More!

Hi everyone. Billy from Guitar Tricks here, and I just wanted to show you some of the new stuff that's made it to the site recently. You might have noticed some new buttons, some added features, and overall improvements. Let me show you around.

Updated Guitar Toolbox

The Toolbox is one of the best features of Guitar Tricks Full Access. The Toolbox was already stuffed with six great tools like the Jam Station, Chord Finder, Metronome, and more. In addition to these tools, we've added three new resources to the box.

Chord Charts. If you wanted a simple way to visualize guitar chords, look no further than our new and improved chord charts. Simply choose the root note you want, click on it, and users will be taken to a page full of variations, from simple minor and majors, to 7ths, minor 6ths, suspended and add chords. There are tons of chords in the database so have some fun with all the new sounds you’re about to discover. Go here to get the chord chart.

How to Read Guitar Tabs. The second addition to the Toolbox is a page dedicated to learning how to read guitar tabs. Reading guitar tabs is one of the most important skills any guitarist can have and this excellent resource is an in-depth look at how tabs work. There’s also a fantastic list of guitar tablature symbols right here. With a great video lesson by Dave Celentano and an accompanying breakdown of the anatomy of tabs, this is a must for any beginner guitar player. Go here to learn how to read guitar tabs

Guitar Glossary. If you ever wondered what “bridge” meant in guitar language, or maybe you weren’t sure of what an “f-hole” is, then chances are this is going to be a huge help. Guitar Tricks has an amazing glossary of all of the guitar jargon you’ve always wondered about. So instead of embarrassing yourself in front of your musically-gifted friends, you can do a little homework and impress them with your vast vocabulary during the next jam session. Go here for the best guitar glossary on the internet


1-on-1 and Live Small Group Guitar Lessons

As some of you already know, you can learn with a dedicated Guitar Coach on Guitar Tricks. You might have seen the nifty button located on the home page already. If you click on that, it will give you two options for live guitar instruction.

The first option, Full Access Plus is something you may already know about. Full Access Plus stacks on top of your standard Full Access and lets you learn with part of a small group led by the instructor of your choice. The group meets three times per week, giving students multiple opportunities to fit guitar learning into their busy schedules. 

The second option is one-on-one private lessons, or what we call Full Access Pro. Each student gets to choose the exact time they want the session to be and if students love it, they may also book recurring lessons on a weekly basis, up to two months in advance. Full Access Pro does not require Full Access. Check out Full Access Plus and Full Access Pro right here


New Lesson Pages

Longtime Guitar Tricks users might have noticed the new lesson pages these past few months. You can easily switch to the new lesson page (currently in beta), by simply clicking on the green bar above any video lesson. This will take you to a new page built for modern, wide view displays, and higher resolutions. You’ll notice that if your monitor is wide enough, the notation for each lesson automatically sits side-by-side next to the video. And for some song lessons, the “Performance” and “Jam Along” sections will feature automatic scrolling so you can easily refer to the notes when playing along. Pretty cool! Try it out for yourself here with "Hotel California."

Song lessons with automatic notation scrolling are listed below. Automatic notation scrolling only applies to the "Jam Along," "Full Performance" and "Single guitar" sections of a song tutorial:

My Sweet Lord

Folsom Prison Blues

Sweet Home Alabama

Hotel California

Sings His Sad, Sad Song

But I Guess That's Why They Say

Simple Man

Who Do You Love

Here Comes The Sun

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Who Are You

Baby, Please Don't Go

On The Road

Behind Blue Eyes

The Real Me

Pinball Wizard

Lightning Crashes

(Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I

Mad World

Funeral Song For Mississippi John Hurt


And that’s pretty much it for all the website updates and improvements! As always, you can leave feedback on the Guitar Tricks forums right here. Until next time! 

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