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Meet Sam, a Guitar Tricks Guitarist.



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Every evening, after after kids have gone to bed, Sam unwinds from his day by pulling out his guitar at his home in L.A. For the next couple hours, he's learning how to play the instrument he was introduced to at the age of 12, but for 20 years had never committed to learning until 6 months ago, when he discovered Guitar Tricks. "I was looking around the Internet - YouTube videos - and I stumbled upon Guitar Tricks and it seemed to be the best thing I could find by a mile."

"And I was able to play things I never thought I would be able to do."

Sam's accomplishments are well deserved. He takes the time to learn. He sets goals he can reach. And when in doubt, he reaches out to the Guitar Tricks community, where fellow guitarists like him give encouragement and instructors provide extra guidance.

We invited Sam to our studio in L.A. to jam with instructor Anders Mouridsen, and to listen to his experiences with Guitar Tricks. "The Core Learning System's made an order to follow that's very easy... Once I got on the site, Anders' and Chris's lessons, I just really resonated with their particular lessons... I look back to when I started, and I'm like, I can't believe - some of the lessons I'm now working on, and playing, and even have kind of mastered - if you were to ask me 6 months ago, it would've taken me years to get there, and it really hasn't. I feel like I'm actually accomplishing something."

More importantly, Sam's favorite thing about learning guitar is bonding with his family, where he plays while his wife and kids sing. "They absolutely have a blast."

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