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Local Shops Series: SF Guitarworks

This holiday season we want to highlight independent music stores all over the U.S. In this first edition, we got to know Geoff, owner of SF Guitarworks in San Francisco, CA.

From the shop
"Voted 2005 Best of the Bay and 2010 BayList Winner, San Francisco Guitarworks is the premiere service center for guitar and amp repair. Founded in 2001 by master luthier Geoff Luttrell, we offer many services to help you realize your tone dreams. From complex wiring to stainless steel re-frets, vintage Martin neck resets to re-tubing your Hot Rod Deluxe, we have the tools and skill to handle any repair or upgrade." http://sfguitarworks.com

What's your favorite new musical product from 2015?
Really loving the Mark Holcomb Alpha and Omega pickup set from Seymour Duncan. They have great note articulation, which holds up well even under high gain settings.

What's your favorite gift for a musician this year?
Our setup workshop class, which teaches all levels of musicians how to perform a comprehensive, professional setup on their favorite guitar or bass. This includes adjusting the action, intonation, pickup output, neck relief, bridge radius and more. Many players don't know much about the mechanics of the instrument, so it can be a fun way to connect with the instrument from a totally different perspective.

What do you like best about being in this business?
I get to work with a lot of awesome people, from guitar builders to pickup manufacturers, and our customers are the best. Working on guitars all day long isn't bad, either.

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