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Fingerstyle Guitar Dynamics - Brought to You By ELIXIR Strings

This is a sponsored post brought to you by ELIXIR Strings.

Dynamics are, according to the Guitar Tricks guitar glossary, “the loudness or softness of a piece of music. Latin words such as 'forte' (f - loudly) and 'piano' (p - softly) are used to indicate this within music notation. This is an effective and simple way to add emotional expression into your playing. It can work in both lead and rhythm play.”

You can use dynamics to emphasize certain parts of what you’re playing like a bass note or the treble notes. Seasoned guitar players will use dynamics to add another layer of complexity and flavor to their playing. 

Players like Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin and Carlos Santana, just to name a few, are masters of this technique as they can jump from scorching solos and riffs, to soft, nuanced licks and phrases. 

The string choice is also an important factor when it comes to dynamics. Strings that are dull will not provide the volume required for dynamics. In the video above, Alex de Grassi will show you a quick and easy tip on dynamics using an acoustic guitar equipped with ELIXIR Strings’ Acoustic Phosphor Bronze with NANOWEB Coating, which is a light gauge set. Watch the video above for the tip, and go here to visit ELIXIR Strings


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