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Concert Subscriptions For Everyone! Jukely Review

Jukely Review

Jukely Review by Billy Saefong

The sound of clinking glass bottles and bustling chatter grew as I approached the entrance to Hotel Utah. A man with a beer met me and my girlfriend at the door and asked if we had tickets to the event. We technically didn’t. At this point I was a little nervous. I told him I was on the Jukely guest list. The door man went to check something behind the bar counter and came back. He stamped my wrist and that was it, I was in even though we never purchased a pass, didn’t have any type of receipt, or admission stub. It was seamless thanks to Jukely. 

Jukely is a monthly concert service that grants you access to local concerts and shows, like the one I went to at the Hotel Utah. The service starts at $25 per month and gets you four spots per month (only one spot can be claimed per show). Here's a tip: Use the code TRICKS to get your first month for only $5! Sign up here.

At the base level, users can see up to four of their favorite artists in a single month for the price of about one average concert ticket. This is an incredibly neat idea. It’s kind of like Netflix but for live music. But what if you want to attend more events and what about bringing a date, or friends? Jukely has you covered there, too. 

Here are the membership levels according to Jukely:

$25 per month - up to 4 spots per month (1 spot per show)

$35 per month - up to 5 spots per month (1 spot per show)

$45 per month - up to 8 spots per month (up to 2 spots per show)

$65 per month - up to 10 spots per month (up to 2 spots per show)

Annual members can claim up to 5 spots per month (1 spot per show), and Annual+1 members can claim up to 10 spots per month (up to 2 spots per show)

So how do you get started? Like most modern services, there’s an app. And again, you can get your first month of Jukely for $5 with the code TRICKSGet it here before the code expires

Once I downloaded the app, and created an account, Jukely showed me a list of local, upcoming concerts. For a more customized experience, I connected my Spotify account so Jukely knew exactly what type of music I preferred. It then took this information and curated a list of events that it thought I might be interested in. Pretty cool.

I scrolled through the list of colorful artist photos and poked around the app. I discovered that I could swipe left and bring up more info on the artist like streamable song samples and bands that sounded similar. The app is cleverly designed with users in mind, too, since it gave me a short list of nearby attractions like bars, restaurants and other sights near the venue I was interested in. This is much more than just a concert subscription app, it seems like Jukely really wants its users to experience their communities through live music. 

So the show was great, but what do most people do after seeing their favorite artist perform? They tell their friends about it! Jukely integrates this very common action right into the app. Users can “Hype” a show they’ve gone to, which essentially translates to sharing the show across social media. Everytime you hype a show you’re going to, or a show you've already been to, you get DRUMS Tokens. These tokens can be used to move yourself up on the list for upcoming, highly in-demand shows or they can be used for the subscription itself.

Users can earn DOUBLE the amount of DRUMS tokens through "Missions." Missions grant extra tokens whenever a user listens to a song or hypes a specific artist featured on Jukely. 

Alright, so if you've read this far, then you'll know that Jukely is pretty awesome. I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth my experience was but you must still have some questions. 

What happens if you've claimed a spot at an upcoming show but can't make it? You can release your spot and use it for another show down the road. Speaking of missing shows, you can even trade in concert tickets for Jukely credit.

If for some reason I was going to miss a Paramore concert next month, Jukely has an option within the app to trade the tickets I bought for credit. There are so many neat, thoughtful features like this that you can read about on Jukely. For frequently asked questions, go here.

If you have friends on Jukely, it's also pretty easy to go to a gig together. The website will show you upcoming shows that you and your buddies have both shown interest in. There's a Cisco (The Dragon!) show coming up in Santa Cruz and I see that both my friend, Levi and I have saved it on our favorites list.

Looks like Cisco is playing with Shwayze, Goodie Grace and the Fetty Brothers. I've never heard of the last two artists, but Jukely makes up for this thanks to that Spotify integration mentioned earlier. Jukely will create Spotify playlists based on the shows you've shown interest in so you'll have a more in-depth sampling of the artists before committing to a concert. 

Phew, you still with me? Jukely is an incredibly smart idea and I can't believe no one has thought of this before. If you're the type of person that loves live music, or if you're simply looking for new bands and artists to listen to (honestly, who isn't?), then Jukely is for you. There's only so much I can say, so do yourself a favor and try Jukely for a month for only $5 using the code TRICKS. Sign up here


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