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Abbey Road 50th Anniversary - Let's Celebrate The Beatles!

abbey road songs

The Beatles’ songs are some of the most iconic of all-time and with the recently released 50th Anniversary Abbey Road album featuring new mixes from Giles Martin and additional demo recordings, it’s a great time to brush up on your favorite fab four songs. Thankfully, Guitartricks has a wide selection of songs by the four boys from Liverpool. Let’s take a look! 


Here Comes the Sun

This is considered one of George Harrison’s greatest hits and deservingly so. It’s iconic and instantly recognizable. The song was written by Harrison on acoustic guitar at Eric Clapton’s home. This song is played with a capo all the way up on the 7th fret and employs a fun picking pattern. Learn how to play the song here



Another great song from Abbey Road, and also written by George Harrison, “Something” is a classic ballad featuring a recognizable guitar solo plus a distinct rotary speaker used on the rhythm guitar. Mike Olekshy teaches this song and you’ll be able to learn both guitar parts and even learn how to play it with a single guitar if you choose! Learn how to play this song here


I Wanna Be Your Man

This is one of The Beatles’ earlier hits but it’s still got a ton of great upbeat tempo and rhythms to play around with. Both guitars on this song feature a bit of overdrive, and are played rather aggressively and fast. There’s a fun solo and if you’re looking to work on your lead technique, there are great fills to be played as well. Learn how to play this song right here


I Saw Her Standing There

If you want a song to test your dominant 7th chords, look no further. This song features two guitars and can also be played on just a single guitar as well. The rhythm is pretty fast but a lot of fun to play. There’s a great combination of fills involved in this one too and an awesome guitar solo. Learn how to play the song right here


She Loves You

This is the simplest song to play on this list but it’s also great for learning basic rhythm timing and chord changes. There are two guitars in the original recording but Dave will show you how to play it on a single guitar. This lesson is unique because the lead fills are incorporated with the rhythm and it may be a small challenge but for we believe most guitar players will be able to tackle this. Even if you’re a beginner, you can still play the open chords and will be able to play this. Learn how to play the song here

Who doesn’t love The Beatles? For more songs, check out our entire collection of songs from the band right here. Let us know your favorite song from The Beatles in the comments! 

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