Guitar Song Lessons

Guitar Tricks has over 600 popular songs, more than twice as much as the nearest competitor!

Guitar Tricks is officially licensed to teach Hotel California and top hits from every style and every decade. Plus, our new songs made easy section will get you started playing your favorite songs right now, even if you just started playing guitar. Whether you want to know every note, and play like a pro, or are just learning guitar and want a simple way to get started, Guitar Tricks song lessons will teach you what you need to know when you need to know it. Here's just a few of our hundreds of songs:

Top Hits

info title artist style difficulty instructor
The Rolling Stones rock Mike Olekshy
Pearl Jam rock Anders Mouridsen
Muddy Waters blues Henrik Linde
The Sweet rock Mike Olekshy
Bobby Womack jazz Tom Finch
The Rolling Stones rock Mike Olekshy
Poison rock Caren Armstrong
Johnny Cash country Mike Olekshy
Willie Nelson jazz Douglas Showalter
The Rolling Stones rock Mike Olekshy
The Rolling Stones rock Mike Olekshy
Eagles rock Mike Olekshy
Soggy Bottom Boys bluegrass Mike Olekshy
Kiss rock Mike Olekshy
Billy Joel rock Sharon Aguilar
ZZ Top rock Anders Mouridsen
Boston rock Mike Olekshy
ZZ Top rock Anders Mouridsen
Lynyrd Skynyrd rock Caren Armstrong
Gary Moore blues Tony Lee
Lynyrd Skynyrd acoustic Caren Armstrong
Robert Johnson blues Tom Finch
T-Bone Walker blues Tom Finch
The Animals rock Mike Olekshy
B.B. King blues Anders Mouridsen
America acoustic Caren Armstrong
Smokey Robinson acoustic Caren Armstrong
The Rolling Stones acoustic Mike Olekshy
The Beatles acoustic Caren Armstrong
Johnny Cash acoustic Caren Armstrong