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In these 10 guitar lessons, Neal Walter will be teaching you "You Really Got Me", as made famous by Van Halen in their cover of the song. Neal will introduce you to the tune and talk about the gear and tones, then he'll dive into the classic riff in the intro and the first couple of verses. Then it's time to learn the rippin' shredding solo, followed by the 3rd verse. As always we finish off with a performance play-along, then you jam along as the main guitarist with the "band".

Published: 01/25/2012 Upgrade

Dave will show you both the acoustic and electric guitar parts in this song. The song begins with a solo acoustic guitar playing a boogie pattern in a blues swing rhythm. After a couple of verses the electric comes crashing in with the rest of the band. There's a blazing guitar solo by a young Van Halen and a big bluesy ending to close it out. This song is in the key of E and a fast boogie shuffle in 4/4 time at a tempo of about 176 BPM.

Published: 01/08/2018 Upgrade