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In this six lesson song tutorial, we'll learn the parts of the "Batman Theme", as made famous by The Ventures in the 1960's. You'll use your knowledge of basic pentatonic scales and box patterns, learn the simple chromatic hook riff that is central to the song, how the rhythm breaks work, how to play the simple solo, and how to voice the Batman vocals on guitar. We'll cap it all off with a play along to a custom "bat" backing track!

Published: 02/22/2010 Upgrade

In this set of song lessons, our surf master Henrik Linde will teach you all the guitar parts to the song "2000 Pound Bee", as made famous by The Ventures. This song has two parts, so we have twelve lessons here to cover everything! Henrik will show you the tones and the main fuzz riff; he'll take you through the two solos that occur in part 1, then all the various fuzz guitar and clean rhythm guitar parts in the rest of the sections that follow. Then you'll get out your surf board and play along in a full performance!

Published: 03/17/2011 Upgrade

Mike will show you all the parts in this early 60s surf instrumental, from the iconic melody to the rhythm guitar chord progression. There's also the vibrato-bar heavy "surf guitar sounding" technique to dig into.

Published: 04/23/2015 Upgrade

Mike will show you the 2 clean electric guitar layers. One plays the chord progression, while the second plays some vibrato-bar heavy, surf-guitar-sounding melodies.

Published: 01/31/2017 Upgrade