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In this song tutorial Douglas Showalter will take a look at all the parts in the pop rock song "Welcome To My Life", recorded by Simple Plan. Douglas will talk about the gear and tone, and teach you the opening acoustic and electric parts followed by the first verse. Then he'll delve into the pre-chorus and chorus, along with the second verse and pre-chorus. There's no solo i this one, so you'll next learn the bridge, the final double chorus, and the ending to the song. We'll put it all together in a final play-along performance.

Published: 06/13/2011 Upgrade

In these song lessons, Lee Wanner will teach you "Untitled (How Could This Happen to Me?), by Simple Plan. After a synopsis and a look at tuning and tones, Lee will get you started on strumming the verse, and also a finger picked approach; we'll also teach these two approaches in the pre-chorus. Next is the strummed chorus, and we'll follow that with the acoustic under the solo, and the electric solo. Last is the play along, and the jam along.

Published: 05/16/2012 Upgrade