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Papa Roach
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In this metal tutorial, Mike Olekshy will teach you "Last Resort", by Papa Roach. Mike will dive into the gear and tuning, then break down the descending rhythm riff and single-note riff. Then it's on to the chorus in two lessons, followed by the bridge parts. Mike will ten look at the outro of the song before he does a full performance. Lastly, we mute the guitars and you take over to jam.

Published: 07/20/2012 Upgrade

In this tutorial, Mike Olekshy will teach you "Between Angels and Insects", by Papa Roach. Mike will start with an overview of the song and talk about the gear and tones. The first playing lessons will look at the main riff and second intro guitar, then we'll into the riffs in the verse and chorus. We'll look at the second verse melody next, then the bridge and outro octaves. Last is a play along performance, then you take over in the jam along.

Published: 09/12/2012 Upgrade

Lee Wanner is going to teach you the metal song "Blood Brothers" in this set of lessons, by Papa Roach. After an overview and a look at the tuning and tones, we'll get into the intro of the song. The verse is similar, with single-note riffing played ensemble with the bass. Then we're on to the pre-chorus crunch power chords, and into the chorus and variations. The last section is the bridge, then we'll do a play along, and mute the guitars for you in the jam along.

Published: 09/18/2012 Upgrade