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info title artist style difficulty instructor
The Isley Brothers Hunter Perrin
Count Five Mike Olekshy
The Box Tops Tom Finch
Waylon Jennings Mike Olekshy
Nickelback Douglas Showalter
Elvis Presley Douglas Showalter
Dwight Yoakam Mike Olekshy
Alabama Mike Olekshy
Stone Temple Pilots Mike Olekshy
Soundgarden Douglas Showalter
Arlo Guthrie Caren Armstrong
ZZ Top Anders Mouridsen
Stevie Nicks Mike Olekshy
The Jackson 5 Sharon Aguilar
Billy Joel Douglas Showalter
The Rolling Stones Mike Olekshy
Rolling Stones Tom Finch
The Rolling Stones Mike Olekshy
The Marcels Douglas Showalter
Johnny Cash Caren Armstrong