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Congrats on a WONDERFUL site!
I find it quite easy (so far!) to navigate, and found the "where do I start" to be very helpful! I'm getting there!! I LOVE the forum, too. I've never been one to use forums, but the GT forum is full of great people and helpful information at ALL levels! Congrats on a WONDERFUL site!! Good job!
Jim Polito
I believe Guitar Tricks is the best way to learn the guitar!
I just wanted to say that I originally started to learn with one of your competitors. Although it was ok, I have learned much more with the lessons here and have found the Core Learning System to be much more to my liking towards advancing as a player. Now, instead of learning nothing but public domain tidbits of songs, I am learning popular songs that make learning far more enjoyable. I believe Guitar Tricks is the best way to learn the guitar and am glad I put away my other DVDs which were boring me to the point where I was not making progress like I have been here.
Jim Gross
I thank you guys for all you do and keep on pickin' and strummin'!
I'm very happy to be a customer and a satisfied one at that. I've been playing guitar for (I hate to admit it) about 48 years now (I'm currently 58 and still playing every day). Through all the guitar lesson sites that I've been to or been a member of, Guitar Tricks is by far the GREATEST! I thank you guys for all you do and keep on pickin' and strummin'. Like Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen (Hot Rod Lincoln) once sang "There's a whole lotta things that I ain't done-but- I ain't never had too much fun..." My best to all at Guitar Tricks.
Carrie Allwine
I want to learn it all NOW!
Before I started with Guitar Tricks I was at a standstill with my playing. Am basically self-taught, but needed encouragement and the confidence to push myself, and explore new territories. Once enrolled, didn't take me long to gain my enthusiasm back for learning guitar. I had not had this enthusiasm for guitar since way back in high school because I did not have the confidence to push myself further. Am now ready to polish up my skills and take my playing to the next level! Problem is, hardly know where to start, because I want to learn it all NOW! Keep up the good work!
Mark Mitchell
Great job GT Staff
I have learned more in last 2 weeks with GT then ever before. Not just what something does but WHY it does it and how to apply it to other parts. Great job GT Staff. Hats off.
Sebastien Berger
I'm learning a lot...
I stopped my subscription a couple of months ago when I started my music study at Berklee. I thought that I wouldn't need GT with everything that Berklee as to offer. But I was wrong! I'm learning a lot and I still have a long way to go in my music program but there's always a little thing here and there that I want to get another opinion on or push something further or differently, get new ideas and lets face it ... I was also missing crazy Neal, Anders' awesome blues section, Chris's 24 hour help line and his huge bank of knowledge, Andy's awesome rock funk country chop's, Ben's awesome techniques and all the other great material from the other instructors.
Christine McHoes, Alaska
I'm actually EXCITED about learning!
I'm a singer songwriter and have written quite a few songs on my guitar, but never felt completely 'proficient'. I want to feel competent to play guitar on stage. So, when I accidentally stumbled across your site…something said,"DO IT"!! I'm still on the beginner part, but am making headway quickly! Usually, I'm not so impressed by online learning videos, but you have a GEM here!!! AND I will add, it's MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE than paying for LIVE lessons. I can easily go back to review what I've learned. Thank you! I'm actually EXCITED about learning!!! I will keep you abreast on my progress.
Bruce Finley
Best decision I've ever made...
Awesome set of songs. Trying to get Sweet home Alabama worked out now. Love the way the chords have been simplified and learning to use the two finger anchor points for getting to C, G, and F (the dreaded F) making it so easy to get into position. Even starting to get the G with the little finger to start to sound. Wish I had learned that fingering when I first started to learn to play. Best decision I've ever made to learn to play and hopefully master guitar.
Grady Slade
Thanks Guitar Tricks!
I want to thank all the teachers of guitar tricks. I have used them all at one time or another. I have been playing for years and only achieved a certain level of playing. I use to be so frustrated, but now I actually sit in on jam sessions with Les Paul copy and little roland micro cube amp and having the time of my life. Thanks Guitar Tricks!!
John Robarge, Eagle Nest, NM
I Love Guitar Tricks!
I Love Guitar Tricks! Finally at 57 I'm getting serious and ya'll have provided the perfect venue for learning! I look forward to working with you and am very excited about the next years playing, Thanks for providing such a great tool.
Fred Walker,   Ontario, Canada
I couldn't be more pleased!
I have been enjoying Guitar Tricks for a month as monthly Full Access subscriber learning from Lisa McCormick. And now taking advantage of your Annual Special is fantastic!!! Guitar Tricks is the answer for anyone playing the guitar in my humble opinion. Thank you. I couldn't be more pleased!
Dan Bloch, Pforzheim, Germany
I've learned some great ideas here.
I just want to say that this GuitarTricks site is really great! I don't learn every tutorial note by note. But I've learned some great ideas here, and that has helped me progress quite a lot. Thanks very much for that!!!
Jesse Sherrod La Canada, CA
I can't stay off of this Guitar Tricks site!
HELP! I can't stay off of this Guitar Tricks site! Way TOO MUCH FUN... Everything I could ever hope for and more. The annual all access fee is worth the instruction for just one song, but had to have hundreds, actually thousands of distractions tucked away under so many drop downs. Thanks for everything, guys!
Gene Stearns, Meadville, PA
I'm very glad to have found Guitar Tricks
Just wanted to let you know I really like these lessons and all of the instructors! Instructor Lisa McCormick has been a lot of help to me with the lessons and with support on the site. I'm very glad to have found Guitar Tricks and I'm very happy to learn the guitar with you. Thanks again!
Matt DiGiovanni
Glad I became a member.
Awesome!! I'm an advanced player and got a lot from the few lessons I went thru yesterday. Excellent site!!! Glad I became a member. Keep up the great work!
Brad Severson, from Blaine, MN
I just signed up for a year!
I have been with you guys for less than a week and I just signed up for a year! Thanks for having the best guitar teaching solution I have seen. (And I've tried a few!)
Jeffrey - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
I think the Guitar Tricks site rocks!!
I just joined, and in two short days I have improved by playing just by cruising through some of the lessons and songs. The site is "aces" if you want to become a better player. I know I do, and that's why I'm here. I plan on staying on for a long time!
Chewy L.
Thank you for such a great tool!
I love guitar tricks. I'm a professional in the music industry and STILL I learn from your site everyday and also use it for my students. Thank you for such a great tool!
Marci Dunn, Wesley Chapel, Florida
Guitar Tricks is just what I was looking for
I am such a skeptic when it comes to committing to purchasing anything online, but I did. I have looked forever into sites that offer guitar tips and lessons and finally found a great one...Guitar Tricks is just what I was looking for. I am a 58 year old lady that picked up my husbands "Christmas present" one year (he loves air guitar so the kids and I bought him a guitar). Enough said!! Yesterday I was searching for tips and came across the GT site. I purchased the one year plan and I couldn't be happier. I haven't put the guitar down, except for sleeping, much at all since subscribing to Guitar Tricks. I have journeyed through the core learning with Christopher Schlegel and have looked into Lisa McCormick and love them both. I felt I wanted to start from the beginning and with that being said, I have learned things that I thought I already knew. Perhaps it was a better way of looking at it?? I have self taught, also have taken lessons off and on and with all that, I feel my knowledge of the guitar is all over the place. I need structure and discipline and with Guitar Tricks, I feel I have found the person/program that can tell me what I know and what I don't. I'm in love with this very exciting website - Guitar Tricks!!
Arnold D., Waterbury,CT.
I enjoy every Lesson presented to me!
I have learned, benefited & enjoyed a tremendous lot from GT for the past year! My GT Instructors-Mr.Christopher S. & Ms.Lisa M. have done excellently in their Tutorials thereby enabling me to understand & enjoy every Lesson presented to me! I am indeed grateful for the opportunity to improve my guitar skills with GT.
Edith B, Pueblo West CO
Your site just gets better and better...
THANK YOU for the Dale Turner series of lessons on Campfire Chords With Character. This is exactly what I've wanted to learn all along. Dale does a great job of explaining what these delicious chords are comprised of, how best to finger them, how to play them in a pleasing sequence, and finally how to either strum or use fingerstyle to turn them into real music. The print option is invaluable, so now I can practice without having to be at my computer. Your site just gets better and better so that your subscribers can get better and better.
Gary Venter, Gauteng, South Africa
The Best site on the Web
Thanks for 'The Best site on the Web'. It has really opened my eyes to the guitar, and although I have been playing for 26 years, I have learned more in the past few months than ever before...and your instructors are all very skilled & knowledgeable, which makes the experience so much better. Keep up the good work.
Kees Berghout , Norway
I am so excited!
I just signed up as a full access member at and I am so excited! It’s the same feeling when you hear great new music or read a good book, you feel like you discovered something precious. I found myself playing the guitar in front of my computer for over 3 hours. I had to put my guitar away because my fingers just couldn’t take it anymore. Now I’m looking forward to come home from work and start learning new stuff on this great website. Congratulations!
Bill McPherson Hornell, NY
The Core Learning System really opened things up for me
I have noodled around with a guitar for almost 40 years. I could play some things but never knew what I was doing. Your direct, no-nonsense instruction in the Core Learning System really opened things up for me. (I started from the beginning as if I had never picked up a guitar before) Now, suddenly, I will be listening to a song and I know just what they are doing. I can pick up my guitar and be playing the song in a few minutes although not perfectly. I could never do that before. I practice often using a metronome and notice regular and rapid improvement.
Peter Trentacoste, Quakake, PA
The instructors are awesome and very easy to understand.
I have been a guitar player for 49 years now and by joining Guitar tricks I have found out you can teach an old dog new tricks. Don't sit on the fence, come on in and have some fun. The instructors are awesome and very easy to understand. It's also like a one stop shop. I no longer have to surf the web for other guitar sites. Its all right here at Guitar tricks. Hope to see you there.
Mark Merlin
Exactly what I was looking for.
I always wanted to learn to play the guitar. I recently turned 50 and decided now is the time. I bought an electric guitar and joined JamPlay. While I found some useful things there I just didn't feel their site was the best for a brand new player so I left. I then took private lessons. While my teacher was nice enough, there seemed to be no plan to his teaching. He taught as if I had played before and I decided to look for another teacher. That's when I found Guitar Tricks. The lessons here are exactly what I was looking for. They are brief and exact. I can watch and then practice the exercise until I can play it cleanly, then I move on to the next. Chris, the instructor, explains everything slowly and in detail, giving insight into what I am learning. The website is laid out so everything is in order, and has plenty of material that should keep me busy for years to come. I am so happy with Guitar Tricks, I feel no need for a personal teacher. It's well worth the money, believe me.
Howard Anderson, Knob Noster, MO
You've made an old man very happy again!
I just wanted to let you all know. I am 43 years old. I've always wanted to learn to play the guitar since I was a child. I've never really had the time nor the patience because of the way some teachers want to rush things. I played around with some of the free lessons that Lisa McCormick has up there and found her instructing so nice and easy, I started strumming and hand picking in no time. A few more days into the lessons and I decided I wanted more. That's when I decided to join Well another thanks to Christopher Schlegel. Hit up the tutorials from (him) and by the end of a few hours, he had me hitting out some simple melodies like House of the Rising Sun and a few others! AWESOME! I can FINALLY start hitting some songs on the guitar! I am looking forward to learning from these other instructors as well and have shown some of my son's friends these lessons and hopefully they will sign on as well! Thanks again You've made an old man very happy again!
Patrick Gifford, Kranzberg, Germany
I can learn all the stuff I should have done 35 years ago!
I just want to let you know how much I have been enjoying Guitar Tricks! I started playing almost 40 years ago but was more off and on with it, due to job and family. I picked up the guitar again two years ago. Then somehow I discovered GuitarTricks, and it has become like my best friend. I can learn all the stuff I should I have done 35 years ago! I'm learning SO much from the GuitarTricks instructors. Keep up the great work! I am evangelizing you to anybody who comes close to playing a guitar!
Adam, Harrisburg, PA
Love the site and the sense of community for a beginner.
Keep up the good work, love the site and the sense of community for a beginner.
Shawn Massey, Washington
I wanted full access so I could get into the Core Learning System.
I wanted full access so I could get into the Core Learning System and get going with learning to play the guitar.
Luis Antonio Cruz, Guadalajara, Mexico
I found it very useful.
Why I joined? First, the quality of the site, and how easy it is to navigate. Then the content- I found it very useful.
Kevin, Calgary
I'm seeing immediate improvement in my playing.
After seeing a few of the lessons, I'm seeing immediate improvement in my playing.
James Dallas, TX
Guitar Tricks has a more personal touch.
Another guitar lessons site I subscribed to has no interaction at all. Guitar Tricks has a more personal touch.
Rick Martin Tallmadge, Ohio
I was so impressed.
I was so impressed with the free lessons I had to check out the full access. I am glad I did.
Aaron Harmon Napoleon, Ohio
My skill level had stagnated for years until I discovered Guitar Tricks.
"I have been playing for a long time, but I am far from an advanced player. My skill level had stagnated for years until I discovered Guitar Tricks. I have improved more in the last year than at any other time with the guitar."
Tony Leab
I'm having a blast at Guitar Tricks.
"I'm having a blast at Guitar Tricks. I've been playing off and on for 20 some odd years now. Self taught and learned alot of songs along the way, but never really stopped to learn the whole deal. So here it is, the WHOLE DEAL, at I've been going through the lessons and learn something every time I come. And it's a blast!!! Thanks Guitartricks, YOU ROCK, and everything else too!!! "
Vinícius, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
a fantastic tool for my development as a guitar player!
Hi ! My name's Vinícius and I'm from Brazil. I've been playing guitar since the eighties. Recently I found on the web, and after analyzing it carefully I became a member. The site is just amazing with a lot of guitar lessons about many different styles. The video lessons are a fantastic tool for my development as a guitar player. I'm really very happy with!
Douglas Long, Kodiak, Alaska
I had my doubts about an online course, but this is perfect
I was spending $100.00 a month for guitar lessons, and was becoming quite frustrated. My instructor was attempting to teach me things that I totally didn't understand. I had my doubts about an online course, but this is perfect. I like being able to keep returning to a certain lesson, and reviewing it. The video is excellent, and the closeups are very well done. I can actually see what strings I'm supposed to be striking, and how they should be strummed. I can also view the lessons at any time of the day or night. Now, instead of chasing everybody out of the house, I actually have people encouraging me. I've even caught my wife looking at guitars. To all of the excellent teachers here, I wish to send you my sincere thanks.
Tom Condit,  Arlington, Virginia is hands-down the best online resource for learning to play the guitar! is hands-down the best online resource for learning to play the guitar. So far I've only gotten through the Fundamentals part 1 but I will say that your customer service and easy UI is awesome! I was going to spend a hundred bucks on some other learning DVD but when I saw your site I was very intrigued and after spending some time reviewing it, it was a no-brainer. Good job over there!
Craig Leonard, Mesa, Arizona
The best online guitar teacher I have ever experienced. I love it.
. . . from beginner through expert Guitar Tricks has it all. I was getting stale and felt I was done learning. I still was getting gigs, but I did not feel I had anything new to offer my audience until I discovered Guitar Tricks. Whether it is learning the style of your favorite guitar player or learning a new genre, Guitar Tricks has it all. I have new life and my audience gets more from my performances. It is by far the best online guitar teacher I have ever experienced. I love it.
Rick Clark  Exeland Wi.
Your instructors are awesome!
I was skeptical but jumped in with a yr. subscription. A 50 yr. old very average guitar player. Basement band that plays out a few times a year. The band considers me the lead player. I dont know anything. Your instructors are awesome. I spent about an hour with Anders That guy is incredible!!! I am learning some cool stuff!! I told our female singer/ guitar player about the site and she joined. I have not heard what she thinks but I cannot wait to show her a few tricks I learned. Use me for a reference. I already got my moneys worth and I have not seen a small piece of this site!! Nice job!!
Lea Kennedy, Phoenix, Arizona
Guitar Tricks has set the bar!
Guitar Tricks has set the bar! (pun definitely intended ;) I'm simply in awe at the quality of this site. Between the skill levels of the instructors, the attention to every detail in the lessons and the actual quality of the videos, these lessons "pop" onto the screen and truly engage me each step of the way. What a wonderful experience. Thank you so much!
Wayne C. from Cranston, Rhode Island
Exactly what I have been waiting for!
Awesome job!! The changes you have made are exactly what I have been waiting for from an online teaching system.... Thanks again!
Morgan Nakufa from Chililabombwe, Zambia
Keep it rocking! Love you guys!
Thanks so much for the lessons. I'm really enjoying myself, and your site is great. Without a tutor, learning guitar was difficult, but now it's simple, interesting and easy with GuitarTricks. I just switch my computer on, learn and master a few lessons from your lovely site, and then sit down to practice. I've really improved--thanks to you! Keep it rocking! Love you guys!
Paul Muldoon, Brantford, Ontario, Canada
You guys fill in the blanks for me!
I think your site is really well done. I have a really great private music teacher but when it comes to specific guitar technique and theory you guys really fill in the blanks for me. I’ve learned several key fundamentals in just a few visits as a member.
John Moriarty, Glen Mills, PA
I am thoroughly impressed
Your site is awesome! I am going through fundamentals right now, and I have paged through basically all of the lessons just to see what I will be doing down the line and I am throughouly impressed. Well-done all of you, and thanks again for your great service.
Tomas Landberg, BÃ¥lsta, Sweden
I couldn't let go of my guitar!
Played guitar for quite a while but never seriously and never with any skills. When I discovered guitartricks I couldn't let go of my guitar anymore. I love the site and the work you all guys do!
Chris Eddy, Seattle, WA
I don't think there is a better deal on the Internet than
Hi, just wanted to say that you guys are doing a great job! I subscribed a year or two ago just for a few months; but the new site looks great and is easy to understand! I just signed back up last week. Going through the beginner course part 2 again. The instructor is excellent! Looking forward to the blues course. Thanks again. I don't think there is a better deal on the internet!
Wendy Aaronson, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
My guitar playing has improved so much in a short time!
I stumbled upon Guitar Tricks purely by accident a year ago. I was blown away by the knowledge and quality of the instructors and the vast array of styles and lessons. After checking out a few of the free lessons on the site, I became a full access member. It's amazing how quickly I've progressed. Thanks Lisa, for teaching me to play the Guitar Tricks theme song! Chris, you have been really a big help with learning scales. And notice the beautiful Epiphone guitar I'm holding in the picture? I was the winner in one of the monthly Sweetwater giveaways! Yes, regular people do win!
Harvey Silverberg,  Montecito, CA
Exactly What I Was Looking For
Wow, Lisa McCormick's fingerpicking beginner series is exactly what I was looking for. Big hugs to you all!
Brock Sorenson, Lake Oswego, OR
Just what I needed!
This is just what I needed to advance my study of the guitar. I have been taking lessons for nearly 3 years under a very accomplished player/instructor. But in just a few days your program has helped a great deal. THANK YOU ALL!
Sergio Romero from Montreal
Makes everything make sense!
I got to tell you I absolutely loved the Blues course for beginners and I'm about to start the Rock course. I'm not new to guitar but I've never had the foundations to make everything make sense and I'm really getting that from these courses. Thank you so much.
Mike Vick,  Waterport, NY
Standing Ovation for Guitar Tricks!
WOW! From what I've seen so far on your web site, I'm blown away! I applaud your efforts with a standing ovation! Not only have you now provided a huge libray of Top Quality at home guitar lessons for the struggling Musician, your helping us save on GAS!!!! (..standing ovation....) What a mental boost it gave me when I found GuitarTricks! Everything I was looking for and MORE! It breathed life back into my Music, which has been stagnent for so long! Thanks your inspiration!
Josh Sims, Birmingham, AL
I've doubled the speed of my learning!
"I love the site! I have been trying to learn the guitar on my own by just learning the chords and getting help from my brother whenever he is around, but it has been slow going. The videos have really helped me and I think I have at least doubled the speed I am learning at. Keep up the good work and I will definately recommend you guys to anyone asking for advice in learing how to play the guitar!"
-- Franklyn Suliveres, Sarasota, Florida U.S.A.
FINALLY a very well developed curriculum!
Dear Mr. Schlegel, I am 56 years old and have recently picked up the guitar again after picking at it while a High School student. Not much experience other than playing chords. I decided to write this note in appreciation for your outstanding effort in the beginner course you led for GT and which I decided to take from the beginning. I thought that although I already play many chords without a problem that there could be a tip here and there that I could pick up. Man, WAS I WRONG, I ended up FINALLY coming across a very well developed curriculum, something I find lacking in many programs. I should know, I also have a Masters degree and taught both at college and secondary school. I know what a well develop curriculum looks like. I learned many things either overlooked or not known by many other instructors. I came across GT, unfortunately for me after spending quite a bit of money on other courses, books, CD's, and DVD's. The chapter on Barre Chords was specially enlightening to me as it did not stop at just showing you how to play an F and G chord but actually went through the construction of the chords and its application down the fretboard. I normally do not comment on most things, but you sir and GT deserve a very enthusiastic Well Done! Thank you both so much. I look forward in continuing following your lessons with enthusiasm.
-- Jean Martin, East Haddam, CT.
I already have several favorite teachers!
I received a membership to Guitar Tricks for Christmas, and wanted to express my satisfaction with your website. I am a beginner/novice, and particularly appreciate the ability to view different teachers and learn from their various styles. I already have several favorite teachers, and I enjoy practicing their tutorials over and over (and over and over). This is one of the great aspects of your site, that I am able to repeat a lesson as often as necessary. I also want to compliment you on the upgrade to your flash video player; it makes looping a section much easier, and the keyboard shortcuts are greatly appreciated. I just wanted to let you know I think you are doing a great job, and I look forward to learning much more in the coming year.
-- Bill Bertalan
I can't believe what I am now doing!
Am a beginner and I just started with Guitar Tricks. I decided to start with an 8 lesson set from Lisa McCormick on Acoustic Fingerpicking. What an instructor. She made it so easy and natural. I can't believe what I'm now doing. Nothing short of fantastic. I would recommend your service to anybody who is serious about playing and enjoying themselves doing it!
-- Christine G., Dubai, UAE
My brother was better than me until I found your site!
Just wanted you to know that you site is just the one I have been looking for for years. I can play, but really need to move forward and had no real guidance. I love the site and am so excited about using it to its full potential. I'm from the UK but living in Dubai in the UAE for more than 20 years, which has taken me away from folk nights and half decent music shops of the UK... My brother plays also and he lives in the UK. Thanks to technology we can generally share a few guitar sessions over the web cam!! Great stuff..... but we're just about at the same level.. well actually he was better than me until I found your site! LOL... now he's wondering where I get it from.. I'll keep him guessing for a while.. .but guess you will have another new member soon enough!!! Many thanks.
-- Jared Foulger, Hurricane UT
Now if I could just get some sleep!
Hey you guys rock! I have really been struggling for about 10 months now, but in two nights with Guitar Tricks I already have a better grasp on my learning. Thank you very much. Now if I could just quit practicing and get some sleep!
-- Dean Unger, BC, Canada
I can learn at my own speed and choose what I want to dive into at any given time.
Kudos to you people for putting this together and your contributions that make the site what it is. Just finished going through a few of your tutorials. I've been playing since six years of age and am only now striving to learn theory after playing by ear for thirty years. The site is invaluable. I can learn at my own speed and choose what I want to dive into at any given time. Very exiting. Cheers!
Dayavanth Emmanuel, India
This site should be of immense help for thousands of people out there for whom playing
I just joined guitartricks as a full access member and I'm going through the Beginner's guide. I first tried tuning the guitar and I was curious to check out your Guitar Tuning problems section to see if it has any extra help. And I find it amazing. You wouldn't believe I've been tuning my guitar the usual way for endless years and this is the first time in my life I figured out that I'm actually tuning closer to the fourth fret like it says in the First part of your article. The difference in sound is so subtle that I wouldn't have been able to identify if without the method you have given there! I'm hoping I'd be able to achieve my dream of playing guitar with the lessons on your site! Thank you very much for such a site and I hope you would continue to post high quality lessons to people like me for whom learning to play the guitar is a huge passion! Cheers!
David Ostrander, Bastrop, Texas, U.S.A.
Truly this is the BEST LEARNING site I have ever seen... I have never played metal and it took me a couple of days to get the rythym, etc down..but after a LOT of practice its starting to come along. Thanks for sharing, I really mean that. This is by far the best learning site i have ever had the pleasure to learn from. ...its only a matter of time before I get the hang of the timing for this kinda music. You have kinda opened a different door for me. I am looking forward to your new lesson...I have played around with a few of your lessons and they have made an impression on me. I just keep practicing and those doors and starting to open.. Thanks again, keep on rockin'
Bryan from Eugene, OR U.S.A
No guitar teacher would have the patience!
What you're offering is, it seems to me, unrivaled in its value. I've been playing guitar for many years. I've bought books, books with CDs, guitar magazines, private lessons, on-line lessons and nothing comes close to the variety and usefullness that's available on your website. The tutorials are "bite sized" and multi-media. I can't do much with a whole book of Jimi Hendrix tab. (I've tried.) I need a series of little steps - clear, slow, and well explained that I can replay as many times as I'd like. Guitartricks is visual, audio, verbal, musical. I'll watch a lesson video a few times and just listen and get the feel... Then I'll watch some more and just watch the fingers. No guitar teacher would have the patience for the scrutiny and repetition I'm into with Guitartricks. Thanks for putting it together. Rock on.
Chuck Sirko, Greensburg, PA
Great teaching techniques!
I have been playing professionally for about 24 years and have always tried to improve my chops. I stumbled onto your site by sheer accident but it is the best accident I could have gotten into. Your site offers great teaching techniques and is a good source for tweaking anyone's techniques. Kudos to you and your instructors.