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Extended Harmony Chords Series 2

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Next up is the dominant 7th sharp 9th chord.

Dominant 7th Sharp 9th Chords contain:

  • Root or 1st

  • Major 3rd

  • Perfect 5th

  • Minor 7th

  • Sharp 9th

    Often omitted from the Dom 7#9th chord is the 5th scale degree; also the root! The 3rd, 7th & sharp 9th should be regarded as the essential notes that make the chord a Dom 7#9th chord. This chord can also be referred to as a Dom 7 augmented 9th. The sharp 9th and the augmented 9th are essentially enharmonic tones. This means they are different names for the same notes. In both cases, they are basically the minor 3rd of the scale an octave higher, but since the major 3rd is already present in the chord, the addition of theminor 3rd is regards as an altered 9th. Rock and pop guitarists sometimes call this the "Hendrix chord" because Jimi Hendrix famously used it in some of his songs.

    In the video lesson I show how to root it on the E, A and D strings.

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