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Extended Harmony Chords Series 2

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The first 9th chord we'll cover is the 6/9 chord.

6/9 Chords contain:

  • Root or 1st

  • Major 3rd

  • Perfect 5th

  • Major 6th

  • Perfect 9th

    The 5th scale degree can be used, but is not necessary. It is not one of the essential notes that makes the chord a 6/9 chord, so we don't need it. And many jazz players simply don't use it when they play (or "voice") this chord.

    Interestingly, sometimes jazz players don't use the 3rd of this chord. Most interestingly, often jazz players don't even use the root note of this chord! Since jazz is often built and played on many extended chords, and implied tones and substitutions, the root note of a chord is often omitted. As long as there are other chords present in the music, it is often easy to leave out a chord's root note and you can still hear how the chord is intended to function. In the video lesson I will play each 6/9 with and without it's 3rd or root note to show you how this works.

    In the video lesson I show how to root it on the E, A and D strings.

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