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Country Rock Practice Tune

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Now it's time to play through this whole practice tune with the band.

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial on our country rock practice tune. This kind of vibe is a wonderful fusion of at least 3 great styles of music: rock, blues and country. That means you can draw inspiration from all 3.

How much of each you incorporate depends on a few factors. Of course there's how much you know of each of these styles. If you don't know much rock or blues, then you'll of course be limited to the tools you learned in this tutorial. The rest of it you have to determine from the context. First you wanna determine if you think the other guys are playing more like rock, blues or country, and then you gotta determine which direction you want to go.

So start thinking about this when you play and when you hear other people play! Don't get too blinded by what tools they're using. You can learn those on the internet if you want. Just try to listen for the decisions they make and the way it affects the sound of the whole band! Have fun with it!

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Country Rock Practice Tune