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Caren will show you the guitar parts in this singer songwriter hit. The original version of this song has several acoustic guitar fingerpicking layers. We’ve made a composite version to make it easier to teach, learn & perform with just one guitar. This arrangement is based on a solo guitar performance, but we’ll also include the backing band from the original version. The song starts small with the signature guitar riff as the intro. This part will evolve into the verse and be used in various ways throughout the song. We hit the chorus and the guitar part starts to open up a bit with strumming and a gradual rise in dynamics. The chorus ends on the minor iv chord (Cm) which is a nice distinctive harmonic touch. The bridge is the highest dynamic section of the song, even though the chords are the same as part of the chorus, the guitar opens up and the vocal rises. We have to pay close attention to the details because it's easy to get confused in this section of the song.

Honestly, it's easy to get confused just about anywhere you look in this song! The form is long and irregular. None of the verses are alike, the bridge is hard to distinguish from the verse, and to top it all off, there's an unexpected "transition" section that shows up twice at the end of the song!

“Stay” is in the key of G major, using a capo at the 6th fret, using a time signature of 4/4 at 85 BPM.

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