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The Intro begins in free time then transitions to a steady tempo when the percussion enters. We'll call the steady tempo section "Rhythm Figure 1". This part will be revisited and played twice during the guitar solo. To produce maximum volume use rest strokes while alternating between index and middle fingers during the free time section, which is played over "Em11" and "A/B" chords.

Rhythm Figure 1 begins at the fifth bar when the steady time enters and develops a syncopated idea with 6th intervals that shadow the chord changes. Use the picking hand thumb and index fingers to pluck these pairs of notes simultaneously. For the fretting hand use the 2nd finger on the D string and 3rd or 1st for the second string, depending on whether the interval is major or minor. The chord progression here is E minor 7, A minor 7, B augmented 7, and back to E minor 7, the "i - iv - V" chords in the key of E minor. For the final measure barre the fret hand 1st finger across the seventh fret and use 2nd and 3rd fingers on the B and D strings respectively to pull-off simultaneously.

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