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Now it's time for our first chorus, which is played this way only once. The chorus at the end repeats our main progression, which we will look at in our next lesson and how to end the song. First, let's check out our main hook and the variation on the end of the progression before it hits our pre-chorus again.

The chord progression for the first chorus is:

|| D - A Bmi - D - A Bmi - D - A Bmi - E D/F# E/G# - A Emi D/F# ||

We play our main motif, liked we did in the intro, starting off with our pick up notes form A to B into our D chord. From there you play that same chord progression from D to A to Bmni with the same rhythm and everything.

For this chorus only, we will switch things up for the last two bars. Starting E major, we will walk up D/F# to E/F#. This then takes us into A, followed by Emi7 to D/F# leading into our second pre-chorus.

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