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Still Got the Blues

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Before we jump into the main solo section I just want you to know a song like this isn't easy to learn, and will take most of us more than a day. It takes patience and endurance but it's all the sweeter when you nail it! I'll be breaking this solo down in 5 parts.

This epic solo is played over our verse progression and begins again with the main theme/melody of the tune. One of the really cool things I want to point out about this particular solo section is that all the way up until he finishes the melody this third time he is always on the neck or middle position pickup on his Les Paul.

All of a sudden you can hear the gain difference and the sharpness of the tone when he flips to the bridge in this perfect moment, and this was no accident. Holding back is almost always the best thing to do in a tune like this until it's time to melt your strings - and that's exactly what Gary does here.

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Instructor Tony Lee
Still Got the Blues