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Still Got the Blues

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Proving once again that tone is in your fingers, Gary Moore made the Les Paul/Marshall combo that is so prevalent sound all his own. His main rig was a Les Paul Standard coupled with a Marshall JMP of random wattage depending on the gig. On occasion you would also see Gary playing an American Fender Stratocaster when he felt like getting a bit more into the Texas blues sound. His effects chain was really simple, mostly made up of simple Boss pedals from the 80's. His pedal board rarely had anything more than a Tube Screamer, a wah pedal, a chorus, and my personal favorite the EchoPlex tape delay.

To emulate Gary's sound, I am using the new Line 6 HD pro effects processor. I chose the Marshall JTM 45 amp model, 1982 Marshall cab model with G12T-75 speakers, a Tube Screamer in front, and a room reverb at the end. Make sure you have plenty of mids to make the lead sound really punch through, and just enough treble to where there isn't too much crackle but it sounds creamy and crisp. Most of the time with vintage Marshall tones you don't need much in the way of a treble knob because they are already bright, so just keep that in mind.

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Instructor Tony Lee
Still Got the Blues