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Bright Lights, Big City

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Now let's look at how to play the rhythm in the verses of this song. Using the A major barre chord, you will add the F# note on the fifth string (9th fret to 7th fret), played in the swing shuffle rhythm.

This is a typical blues pattern, where you move back and forth from the 5th to the 6th interval. On the A, you will primarily play the lower three strings to accentuate this movement in the rhythm of the song.

This will continue through the 12 bar blues progression with the D and E chords. The turnaround will be in the last two measures (bars) of the 12 bar blues, playing a descending chromatic lick using double stops, then the same chromatic lick from D to E on the 5th string and an E7 chord. A very typical and classic blues turnaround!

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Instructor Jinx Jones
Bright Lights, Big City