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I'm using a Les Paul style guitar for this tutorial, but any guitar with a humbucker pickup in the bridge position is a fine choice here. Billy Gibbons used a Dean guitar equipped with a Dimarzio Super Distortion humbucking pickup for the recording, so if you have a guitar with any high-output humbucking pickup, that's a bonus.

The amp used on the recording is a 50W Legend combo cranked all the way up. The interesting thing about this amp is that it featured a Marshall style tube pre-amp section, running into a solid-state power section. You can get in the ballpark this sound with any Marshall type tube amp cranked up for some smooth crunch.

As far as effects go, the guitars feature plenty of slap echo and a touch of spring reverb. Check out the settings I used:

Marshall Plexi: Drive: 85% Bass: 40% Mid: 50% High: 75% Presence: 70%

Spring Reverb: Wet/DryMIX: 30%

SlapBack Echo: Time: 115ms Feedback: 30% Wet/DryMIX: 15%

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Instructor Mike Olekshy