Basic Tone: Conclusion and Jam!

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Now it's time to jam a little bit, using some of these different techniques without changing anything on our amps. We'll go back and forth between me playing 8 bars and you playing 8 bars. The backing track is a simple C7 to F7 funk jam, and I have a basic distorted tone dialed in. You'll see the technique I'm using displayed on the screen.

1) Basic tone on neck pickup: untouched

2) Pick by bridge, over fretboard

3) Bridge pickup

4) Turn down guitar volume, neck pickup

5) Fingers: spank

6) Fingers: soft touch

I hope this tutorial has made you realize how much of your tone comes down to how you dial your gear and how you play. It so often happens that people spend a fortune on fancy cables, vintage pedals and instruments, and then some other player shows up with a 100 practice amp and a cheap guitar makes it sound much better. Why? Because they are good at dialing in their basic tone, and know how to play to bring out certain tone.

And at the end of the day it all comes down to what inspires you when you play. Personally, I could have the most amazing metal tone and be unhappy, because it's not what I wanna hear when I play a note. In the same way I could have what gear enthusiasts consider "bad tone"; but if I like it, it will inspire me and make me play cool stuff and therefore people will like it.

Good tone and good gear is a very individual thing, and the best way to go about it is to be very conscious of what guitar sounds excite you on records and live shows, and with that in mind, fully explore the gear you have and work hard on the details of your playing!

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Basic Tone: Guitar, Amp, & How You Play
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Basic Tone: Conclusion and Jam! By Anders Mouridsen

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