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Chicken Pickin' Styles

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This run uses the same formations as previous lessons. Instead of a triplet, I'm sliding up to the 3rd note of the D scale. I'm pulling off to the open first string after plucking it with my middle finger for the first two positions. When I change to the other formation I'm playing each note and quickly muting them out.

This run can be used in the same ways as the other pattern. You can even reverse them and chicken pick these runs like Roy.

If you move these patterns up the musical alphabet, you can go all the way to B and C if you have a deep cutaway. You can also take it back to B and A, but the patterns end with open strings.

These are great ways to get around the fretboard and one of the most useful licks you'll ever learn. See what patterns you can come up with, too.

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Instructor J.D. Jarrell
Chicken Pickin' Styles