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Cat's In The Cradle

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Our pre-chorus happens four times in the song, playing a series of chords that change quickly with a rotating bass line. Here are some key points to help you through the pre-choruses:

1. The chords in the pre-chorus are Eb (D), Bb/D, Cmi, Bb (A), Ab (G), Eb/G (D/F#), and F (E.) The section is three bars long, with an additional bar of 2/4 on F.

2. The tag of Ab, Eb/G, to F is played after the chord progression is played once; followed by an extra bar of 2/4 on F to end it.

3. The pre-chorus is played the same way the first two times through. The third time you don't play the ending tag but rather go straight into the chorus. The length is 2 bars with an additional bar of 2/4 leading into the chorus.

4. The fourth time through, the pre-chorus is played twice the same way length wise; but the chords are played with less rhythmic attack and strummed. This section ends with a eighth note rhythm leading into the last chorus.

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Cat's In The Cradle