Monster Blocks: High Gain Amp

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There are many brands that suit the term "high gain". This is an amp that is synonymous with Metal. It's built for distortion and crunch. This particular model has a microphonic tube. This means that the tube actually acts as a microphone and pics up the sound of the amp and sends it into the signal. Many amps that don't have this tube can be modified to have this setup.

This amp only lends itself to certain guitars. We didn't try any hollow or semi-hollow bodied guitars. The strat style guitar is a questionable choice. Those who choose this amp generally have detuned guitars, high output pickups, 7 string guitars, and guitars with humbuckers. It's a more specific sound that you're going for if this is a tone choice for you. One thing's for sure if you dig this amp - you probably won't get picked on too much because you're a beast!

Andy Gurley
Instructor Andy Gurley