1953 National Amp

These small amps are the caged beasts of the rock world. Many players, such as Brian May and Billy Gibbons, keep smaller amps such as this around to get the massive tone you hear on studio recordings.

While this specific model is almost impossible to find, you can get the same kind of amp in researching and testing smaller amps with lower wattages. These kinds of amps have been made by all the major amplifier manufacturers. Once you find one, it becomes an issue of checking it out. Crank it up, let it warm up and see what happens.

What you will hear in this lesson is just guitar and amp. Notice the break up of the tone. Its grittiness is a product that only this kind of amp can manufacture. Each guitar effects this amp differently, so experiment if you are able to find one of these jewels and see what you can come up with.

Andy Gurley
Instructor Andy Gurley