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Now let's focus on the intro of the song. We've got two guitars.

The first one is playing notes from the E Mixolydian scale. E, G#, B, C#, D, E, F# D on the low 3 strings. We're going to be muting the strings on this riff. However, we're going to let up on the muting just a little bit on the notes we need to slide up and down. Or else it will sound too stiff -- you won't be able to hear the slide clearly.

The second guitar is using third intervals, two notes that are either a Major 3rd or Minor 3rd apart. Slide and mute this part just like the other guitar. The tricky part is switching your fingers between the minor 3rd and major 3rd shapes. But you'll get it. These are also known as double-stops.

These two parts put together create a funky counterpoint sound.

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Shining Star