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Acoustic Fingerpicking Step-by-Step, Level 1B

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In this lesson, we'll take the Variation #2 of the fingerpicking pattern that we have been working on, and we will alter the rhythm by syncopating it. This lesson also contains a playalong, so you can practice this new skill in a structured context.

When you syncopate the pattern, you take the rhythm and give it a little slant, so it sounds less like a "walking" rhythm, and more like a "skipping" rhythm. This rhythm works great for many contemporary acoustic styles, including folk, country, jazz, and blues.

We'll stick to the same chord progression we used in the playalong in Lesson 4D. We'll just alter the rhythm so it is syncopated.

//: Dm / Dm / Am / Am / C / C / G / G ://

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Acoustic Fingerpicking Step-by-Step, Level 1B