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Song Intro & Verses: Guitar 1


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First let's talk about how the song is structured and how to play the â€"stops” that start out the song and many of the sections throughout the song.

This song is in the key of A, and for most of the song, we'll loosely be following a 12 bar form. With that in mind the stops will happen on the first 4 bars of the I chord. The stops happen on beat 1, but then we set them up with an extra up and downstroke right before it: "and 4 1 . . . ”. Notice that I mute the last A chord with my right hand, to make that short.

Once you're comfortable with that, you can hear that he uses the standard boogie pattern in the 4th fret of the D string for variation. The most basic version is to do that on beat 4, so it's â€"and 4 1....”

Now as you may have noticed, the timing of these hits is slightly different for opening of the song. For the very first verse he leaves two extra beats before he comes in with the vocal phrases. So basically finish the riff and wait one extra beat before vocal phrase happens.

This is cool because it creates a lot of suspense off the top of the song, but you'll also notice that a lot of the many famous cover versions of this song leave out this detail!

Another thing that's tricky about this section is that except for the opening and the very last verse, this section is twice as long, so it's 8 bars instead of the 4 bars you'd get if you stuck with the 12-bar form. But if you just listen to the vocals, you may not even notice that it's different.

Now let's practice this part together, a few times really slowly. We'll use a long verse for this, so the stops happen 8 times. I'll use the added note on beat 4, but you're welcome to use any of the other variations if you prefer.
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