Double Stops

In this channel episode Mike will show you how to play double stops in a blues context.

The tip of the week is to focus on small sections of music when learning new material. If you're learning a new song, then just focus on 1 or 2 bars at a time. If you're learning a new riff or lick, break it down into small sections so you don't overwhelm yourself. It's easier to manage and make progress if you learn and practice new material in smaller chunks.

This week's lesson is how to play a double stop riff in a bluesy context. This is a neat idea that really makes a full sound. Essentially you are taking a simple blues melody and harmonizing it to make a richer sound. This is a widely used technique that applicable to many blues songs.

If you like this lesson, then GT has a lot more that cover ideas on how to play blues guitar. Check out the Blues Style Courses!

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