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Rose Across My Chest: Verse 2


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Now we are ready for Verse 2 of our song. This part is the same length, with our guitar playing a similar role to our first verse only this time we will play some different licks.

We will start off our second verse the same way, letting our low strings for nearly two measures. On the & of four of the second measure, we will do a similar lick to our first verse on the bend will from G to A on the G string with the C note ringing. After that, you do the same style of pull down the neck.

Our next lick introduces you to the solo licks you will play later. This outlines a Dmi chord, moving from A to F and resolving to D. Make sure to let that D ring into the next measure.

Our next lick stays in the same register, doing a quick bend from G to A down to F, and resolving to D again. Same deal, you will let this note ring into the end of phrase.

Lastly, over the and of 1 of the last measure we will do a quick hammer-on/pull-off from C to D on the A string. This takes us into the next pre-chorus. And those are all the licks for the second verse of our song.
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