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"The Gambler" features two guitars throughout the recording. For this tutorial, I am going to use one acoustic guitar with the capo on the 1st fret. The capo makes it easy to play in Eb using simple open chords that you may already know. However, after the first chorus the key of the song changes to E major and those open chords won't work for the rest of the song. To be able to play along without quickly changing the capo, we are going to switch to barre chords. In both keys, we will be playing many shapes you may already be familiar with. I am going to refer to the names of chords as they actually are pitch wise, but will also mention what shapes I am using as they relate to standard tuning.

Guitar #1 is our acoustic guitar, with the capo on the 1st fret. I am using a Taylor acoustic, with Elixir medium strings. This makes it so I can strum and hybrid pick, with both approaches sounding nice and full. You especially want heavier strings when you are strumming along, to have it really carry the song along with the rhythm section. I am using a medium pick for both styles of playing, which is a little bigger to help really nail the strumming parts.

The hybrid picking will be done with our pick along with our fingers. Again, I am going to cover these parts utilizing some of the licks from the recording and put it in a way that gives you an intro to hybrid picking while still making it easier to play. In the same lesson, I will also cover how you can approach these same sections with some simple strumming. Whether you want to learn the hybrid picking, or just strum along; you will sound great playing either way.