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In this lesson, we'll learn to play the song, 'Long Long Train', using three of the simple chords you have learned. Remember to let the song chart help you remember how many times to play each chord, and what sequence of chords to repeat. If you follow the chart exactly, you can play right along with the video, even if you don't know the lyrics or have the chord changes memorized. Have fun!

Look under the "Image Tab" to see a complete lyric sheet with chords for this song.

It's a good idea to print this out, so you can follow along with the video, and also practice it on your own.

To print the lyric sheet, go to the "Print This Lesson" Tab

* A note about lyric sheets with chords: The music of any song moves along at a regular and rhythmic pace, and you should be playing your strums and chord changes accordingly. Many times, the placement of the lyrics will not seem to line up exactly with the placement of the chord changes. This is totally natural, though it can be a little confusing sometimes when looking at the lyric sheets with chords. Make it your priority to master playing along with the chord changes in a steady manner, and when that becomes comfortable, you can try to add in the singing. Some words and syllables will line up directly with a chord change, while other have more fluidity. Again, the guitar part is STEADY. The singing part is looser and more interpretive. Have fun!

||: Am | Am | E | E | C | C | G | G :|| repeat 4 times, end on Am


There is a long long train
Coming down the track
and its going far
It ain't coming back

Do you want to hop on board
And see where we could go
Or stand still in the station
Fight the vertigo

We feel when it flies by
A hundred miles an hour
Did you see those empty seats
That could have been ours

No reservations made,
we had no suitcase plan
We stand still in the station
and wring our hands

There is a long long train
Coming down the track
and it going far
It ain't coming back

Don't you want to hop on board
And see where we could go
We could leave this station
We could find our road

Aboard the Long Long Train
Rolling down the track
and we're going far
We ain't coming back

I like the window view
I like the tilt-back seats
I like to be with you
And see what fate we meet
On the long long train

Words and music (c)2014 Lisa McCormick.
All Rights Reserved.
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